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A very old tradition – the official reception of new AMBASSADORS by the Queen

The official reception of a foreign country’s highest representative – the Ambassador – is a very formal event and an ancient tradition. Not to be missed.

By Bente D. Knudsen

In Denmark it is maintained in the best form possible, while taking into account the cost of moving around horses and soldiers from the Royal Mounted Gard Hussar Regiment.

It is an event not to be missed while you reside in Denmark.

It takes place a couple of times a year, depending on the amount of diplomatic changes, and entails the transport of a new ambassador by one of the Royal Stable’s horse-drawn carriages, escorted by members of the Royal Mounted Gard Hussar Regiment.

The ambassador is taken to meet the Queen at one of her castles – either Amalienborg or Fredensborg.

Due to the cost, and practicality of transporting horses and carriages from Slagelse to Copenhagen, the Queen bundles her reception and usually receives several at a time.

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The next event takes place 20th October when the Queen receives them at Fredensborg Slot as she is in residence there at the moment.

They will start at 09.30 from Fredensborg Station and ride to the main entrance of Fredensborg Slot – and as they ride up along the beautiful alley there are plenty of opportunities to get a good sight of the magnificent parade of horses, traditional uniforms and the horse carriage.

The escort and horse carriage will go back and forth until the last ambassador departs at 12:00 with the escort from Fredensborg Station.

The ambassadors are picked up by their cars at the end of the meeting with the Queen,which takes about 30 minutes for each of them.

In total five new ambassadors are welcomed by the Queen on this day, they are from Finland, India, Burkina Faso, Turkey and Germany.

For this event the full regiment (up to 45 horses) do not participate. However, a total of 20 horses and hussars from the mounted regiment and a carriage from the Royal Stables participate in it.

You can watch it from anywhere along the route. The sight is quite spectacular as they come riding through Fredensborg up to the castle.

The Fredensborg castle gardens are open and you can combine seeing the event with visiting the beautiful gardens that run all along from the castle to the lake Esrum Sø.

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When in Copenhagen the mounted regiment stays at the Royal Stables – which used to be home to more than 100 horses. The horses are immaculately maintained and very well behaved as you can see in the pictures below from inside of the Royal Stables at Christiansborg.

For the Fredensborg event they are transported from their HQ in Slagelse the day before and back again later in the afternoon. If you stay long enough you can see them as they load the horses into the transporter at the end of the event.


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