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Chase away the winter dreariness with a “daylight” lamp  

The lack of daylight is not to be taken lightly. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also called winter depression, is not uncommon, especially the further north you get.

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Experts believe that about five percent of the Danish population suffers from severe winter depression, whereas it is an almost unknown condition in Southern Europe.

The cause is believed to be a combination of darkness and cold temperatures.

Winter depressions usually start in November and typically end in March when the daylight and warmth return.

Even without suffering from a severe winter depression, many feel more tired and weary during the dark months with an added addiction for sugar and more sleep.

If may not be enough to have a home full of good lamp light to chase away the dreariness and loss of energy, which seems to be the effect of the Nordic winter season.

Instead, what you need is to be exposed to a light that has the same strength as a sunny day.

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To get that kind of sunlight  in order to re-energise themselves an increasing number of people are buying special “daylight lamps”.

Depending on the strength of the lamp, sitting under one for just 30 minutes a day, maybe in the morning while having breakfast or reading the news, can be enough.

Even offices are using them; for instance, doctors who have the early-morning shift sit comfortably under them and get their dose of “daylight” while answering morning calls from their patients.

It is important to get the daylight effect in the morning or early afternoon, as taking it in the evening may reduce you ability to sleep – the light releases the chemical serotonin in the body, a chemical associated with wakefulness.

If you do not feel like investing in a lamp, try to get a large dose of daylight by spending time outdoors during the hours with daylight, as even if there is less sun, you can get light from being outside.

It may not be enough though and if you are feeling really tired and dreary, it is, however, recommended that you talk to your doctor to discover what the cause might be.

Price range of daylight lamps from DKK 600 to 2,000.

By Lene Arlund