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Enjoy the ice along the Danish coasts – it won’t last for long now

As DMI promises warmer weather, the ice along the Danish coasts and in several harbours will melt or be blown out to sea. Enjoy it now!

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By Bente D. Knudsen

If you can – leave early from work or school – and take a stroll along the Danish coasts or along the beach.

The past week’s heavy frost has created some amazing formations of ice, however, they will disappear quickly as the weather has turned to plus degrees at least during the day.

Frost has not quite left the nights, and DMI warms of potentially icy roads, as the melted snow, turns from water into ice.

From Wednesday new front systems are expected to pass over Denmark, bringing rain, sleet or a bit of snow, depending on how cold it gets.

The weekend is expected to be warmer with temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius and some rain.

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After the weekend week 11 and 12 will not be warm, according to DMI, as temperatures will range between one degree Celsius on the plus or minus side. So no spring in sight as just yet.

If depressions keep reaching Denmark from the west, we will get again cloudy weather with snow, sleet or rain and temperatures op to 5 degrees Celsius, temperatures that are slightly below what is normal for the season.