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Important changes of the S line from 4 to 8 December

The ongoing repairs on the Copenhagen S – lines’ tracks will again affect evening traffic as of 20:30 between København H and Østerport on all lines.

By Bente D. Knudsen  Picture:DSB

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Not as bad as this summer, however the S-line traffic will be affected for travellers between Copenhagen Central Station and Østerport on all lines.

The time frame this time runs from 4 December until 8 December. DSB recommends that travellers in this period check on to see how their trip may be affected.

The main changes are in the evening, when there are NO S -trains running from Copenhagen Main Train Station (Hovedbanegården) to and from Østerport in the evening from 20:30 and through the night.

Instead you have to take a tog bus (a train bus it is called!) as a replacement for the lack of S-train.

You can also take the regional train – the so-called Kystbane train – however this one does not stop at Vesterport. If you want to bring a bicycle this might be a good idea as the replacement busses do not take bicycles.


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Line A : From Køge to København H and Østerport to Farum

Line B: From Høje Taastrup to København H and Østerport to Hillerød

Line C: From Frederikssund to København H

Line F :From Ny Ellebjerg to Klampenborg ( take this one to go to Charlottenlund, Ordrup and Klampenborg from Hellerup Station)

Change to a “togbus”, literally train-bus, somehow makes a funny combination, but just means that a bus replaces the train and goes from train station to train station to enable you to continue your journey between Hovedbanegården and Østerport.

The unfortunate part is that you cannot take your bicycle with you, as you would on the S-train. Prams have to be fold-able as some busses are regular travel busses -and not the usual city-bus which easily takes prams.

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Find the train bus here:

København H: The bus terminal at Bernstorffsgade (Tivoli exit)

Vesterport: Vester Farigmagsgade to go to Østerport, Hammerichsgade to go to København H

Nørreport: Both sides of the bus terminal on Nørre Voldgade

Østerport: From Oslo Plads, same side as the train station