Seaside hotels from the golden days -checkout the Danish BADEHOTELLER

Danish Seaside hotels are really a relic from olden times -as they were built before any consideration was taken concerning coastal protection. They are a great way to discover Denmark and some “hidden parts” you may not otherwise drop in on.

By Jens Christian Wandt    Pictures: PR

The writer of this article, Jens Christian Wandt, is a renowned Danish opera singer with a particular hobby: he is a passionate admirer and fan of Danish seaside hotels, and his preferred place to relax and unwind is at a badehotel.

There are quite a number to choose from, he gives here a selection of his favourites to the readers of Your Danish Life.

When you start exploring the world of badehoteller, take note that they are not five-star hotels – and many do not have the modern accessories we associated with the 21st century. Some even have rooms without bathrooms en suite.

When visiting a bdehotel, you are looking to experience something unique and different – namely old fashioned quiet comfort – set in beautiful and un-spoilt locations.

The seaside hotels are experiencing quite a revival, maybe for the same reason.

They usually have an excellent cuisine, some traditional, some more a fusion of old style and new Nordic.  As they are quite popular, you may need to book well in advance, often they are small hotels with limited room capacity. Many are only open during the spring and summer season.

Hjorths Hotel
Hjorths Hotel is located in Kandestederne, just south of Skagen. It was here the bourgeoisie spent their summer holidays in the “old” days. Successful Danish actors such as Poul Reumert, Holger Blom, Bodil Kjer, and Ulla Poulsen all had summer houses in the dunes, and their presence in Kandestederne during the summer months drew many of the capital’s celebrities to North Jutland too. Hjorths Hotel became the focal point for such holidays, and since then it has remained one of the favourite seaside hotels in the area. White painted wooden floorboards, deep-seated wicker furniture, a menu with local specialities, and unspoilt nature as far as the eye can behold, all contribute to its success. It’s an informal hotel of unfailing quality. Surrounded by two oceans, you have here Denmark’s most beautiful light.

Aarøsund Badehotel
Upon entering Aarøsund seaside hotel, you immediately get the feeling that you are spending your summer holiday once again at your grandparents’ home: dark colours, beautiful wall paper, old furniture, and yesterday’s paintings on the walls. But the hotel is cosy and unpretentious in a very Danish way. Although the style is more on the old-fashioned side, it is by no means a dusty place. And both the food and splendid sea view of Aarø, which lies in front of the hotel in Lillebælt, right here where Lillebælt becomes Østersøen, makes the entire stay so worthwhile.

Gilleleje Badehotel
The best seaside hotel proposal on Zealand is to be found in the idyllic port of Gilleleje on Zealand’s northernmost tip. Rooms with Hästens beds (surely Scandinavia’s number one bed brand); lounges with deep-seated wicker sofas and crackling fireplaces; striped wallpaper and whitewashed wooden floors give it an updated and modern style with clear inspiration from the design of seaside hotels during the heyday of the 1920s and 1930s. The spa offers massages and wonderful relaxing baths, and the surroundings invite you to take long summer walks past the old lighthouse at Gilbjerghoved, strolling along the same path that both H.C. Andersen and Søren Kierkegaard took while most certainly thinking some of their great thoughts.

Stammerhalle Badehotel

Bornholm, Bornholm, Bornholm… – so goes the text in the beginning of an old and popular song about the sunshine island. Arriving from the sea, you will be greeted first by Rønne. Travel from here to the northern side of the island to the delightful place by the name of Stammerhalle. The seaside hotel, Stammerhalle Badehotel rises majestically over the cliffs. The chef is renowned and has received multiple awards. Here you will find that food, experiences and surroundings come together as one.

A relaxing stay doing nothing at all

Want to know what a stay is like – why Danes choose to go to old age hotels with no modern accessories – but with excellent food and locations? Read our writer’s article on spending a spring weekend at Dyvig Badehotel.


Other seaside hotels not in our present review, and when questioned about them, our writer says: “Yes, I still need to go there”. Checkout also Helenekilde Badehotel in Tisvildeleje, and Melsted Badehotel on Bornholm.