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Winter holiday in Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By (the old town), the open air museum in Aarhus, follows the seasons. Right now, winter games feature high on the agenda during Danish vinterferie. Mostly indoors though. There is a special winter workshop where children can learn to make their own toys and sweets, just the way their (great) grandparents did.

By Inger Stokkink

In Havbogade, time rolls back to 1927, where a mother bakes ’fastelavnsboller’ in a wood-fired oven. Come and have a bite!

Otherwise, the museum is teeming with life, enjoying the winter and preparing for spring. Wander around the picturesque streets, peek into the houses.

Wherever so much as a door stands ajar, you just walk in, and be ready to be surprised.

Worth a look are also Smykkeskrinet (for jewellery aficionados) and Aarhus Fortæller (about local history) in the museum’s underground section.

Totally off-topic, but to give you an idea of other ways in which you can ’use’ a museum: Den Gamle By has a special apartment, decorated with original furniture and items from the 1950s,  aimed at elderly people who suffer from dementia. Here, the sights and textures and smells of the little house activate memories, to share with family members who have come along.

Den Gamle By – a Danish time travel machine for all ages!

Date: From 10 til 25 February 2018.

Entrance: free for children and teenagers, adults pay DKK 110

Winter workshop: DKK 20  per child.

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