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A weekend of train buses between Gentofte and Sorgenfri

Going north of Copenhagen on the 21 and 22 September, you will need to transfer to a train bus between Gentofte and Sorgenfri.


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By Bente D. Knudsen

The building of a new line at Lyngby Station, the Letbane, means that for this weekend in September passengers travelling north of Copenhagen will need to change to a train bus at Gentofte Station and back on the S train at Sorgenfri Station.

The work takes place from Friday evening the 20 September lasting until the 22 September 2019 ( trains will resume early Monday morning the 24 September).

Find the train buses here: 
Gentofte: At the square in front of the station
Jægersborg: On Jægersborgvej about 300 meters from the station on  both sides of the road
Lyngby: At the busstop in front of the station
Sorgenfri: On the bridge both sides of the road

Check which will remain updated.

You can see all work, called sporarbejder in Danish on the DSB site here.