Are you looking for a second hand bicycle – find out where to buy them

New fashionable brands can be extremely expensive, from DKK 3,000 and upwards, the same goes for children’s bicycles. Some of the larger supermarket chains and DIY stores sell cheaper ones of fairly good quality. Depending on how often you use them, and what you use them for, look at Harald Nyborg, Bilka and Kvickly among others. 

By Bente D. Knudsen

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Police Auctions of hittegods (lost and found)
Police auctions are also another good spot. They do bike sales of so called hittegods. These  are lost and found bikes that no one ever picked up and have been standing around for a long time in the streets, as well as stolen bikes they recovered and the owner cannot be found.

The police only keep bikes delivered to the lost and found for one month.

The bikes sold at these auctions used to be in really bad condition, but today the bikes put up for auction are usually either in need of light maintenance or can be used immediately.

The ones in really bad condition are thrown out.

The price of course varies – from DKK 400/600 and upwards depending on the bike and the bidders.

The police themselves don’t do the auctions; they have deals with auctioneers all over the country, you have to look for hittegods or cykler, as the auction houses have also many other items on sale.

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Find the Danish auction houses used by the police here:
For North Jutland:
For East Jutland and Aarhus:
For West Jutland:
For South Jutland:
For Funen:  w or
North, Middle and West
Copenhagen area: or

The sites are not that easy to manipulate as they are in Danish only – but a good tip is to search for the catalogue – katalog, or for the auktionskalender or just kalender. They will write when the auktions for the bicycles take place – as hittegodscykler. On some of them you can also bid online for the bikes.

DBA (formerly called Den Blå Avis – the blue newspaper) 
Many Danish families actually buy expensive bicycles, and resell them through DBA when they buy a new one. DBA is the main site for second-hand bikes, and if you are looking for a good quality used one, you usually have to be ready to act, as they are sold very quickly and bargaining can be difficult.

Your local newspaper may also advertise used bikes – brugte cykler– but only in Danish.