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Changes on all S-lines from 24 to 28 November

Due to track renovations all S-lines will be affected in the evening

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By Bente D. Knudsen

The next period of track renovations starts on Sunday 24 November and will affect travellers during the EVENING.

Line A will be running on a different time schedule between Dybbølsbro and Hillerød and may run from a different track than the usual one at Dybbølsbro, København H, Holte and Birkerød.

Line B will also be running on a different time schedule, and may run from a different track at Carlsberg, Dybbølsbro and København H.

Line C will run between Frederikssund and  Valby only, and may run from a different track at Ølstykke and Valby.

Line F will replace the line C, which normally runs from Klampenborg to Hellerup, so look for Line F at Hellerup, Charlottenlund, Ordrup and Klampenborg Station and remember to change at Hellerup to go to Østerport.

Check, which should be updated DSB informs.


The next period with track renovations with more or less the same scenario in the evening as above is from 1 to 5 December.

DSB recommends that travellers in this period check on to see how their trip may be affected.