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Weather warning from DMI – again risk of heavy rain and thunderstorms

Unfortunately, the weather is suddenly changing, and Denmark is in for another wet late night and early Friday morning.

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By Bente D. Knudsen  Picture: Screen dump DMI

Hopefully you have been able to enjoy the past couple of days of gorgeous warm sunny weather as the latest DMI forecast warns of a sudden change in type of weather.

Apparently, a low-pressure system is on its way from the west, reaching Jutland, Funen and Western Zealand during the late night and early Friday morning.

It can locally produce heavy rain – with a risk of 25 mm in just six hours.

According to DMI the heavy, torrential rain is most likely to last from one to three hours locally.

The weather situation is unstable, and could reach other parts of Denmark, however, the current prognosis shows that the most likely scenario is for heavy rain in the western and northern parts of the country.

In general DMI is warning that due to the warm water still surrounding Denmark, there is an increased risk of periods with locally very heavy rainfall in general for the beginning of the autumn.

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The warning reads:
North Jutland and Viborg areas: 7 September from 09:00 to 17:00

Thy, Mors, West Jutland, Fanø, Varde, Herning, South Jutland Billund, Esbjerg, Vejen, Kolding, Vejle and Ikast-Brande: 7 September from 03:00 t0 09:00

Fyn, West Zealand, Djursland, Odder, Århus NV (Kronjylland), Sydøstjylland, Silkeborg, Aarhus, Samsø, Holbæk and Fredericia from: 7 September 09:00 to 17:00

The risk of heavy and torrential rain (skybrud in Danish) entails an increased risk of aqua planning, water in cellars and flooded low lying areas.