Advertising in Your Danish Life is a unique way to reach this interesting target Group

Why advertise with us?

•In Denmark there is an ever increasing need for highly skilled workers and for the last six years more foreigners(expats) have come here to work and live
•In 2013 Danmarks Statistic reported more than 152,000 expats in Denmark
•Expats have a high income level and many specific and identifiable needs
•High purchasing power, combined with many needs, make expats an interesting target group
•Your Danish Life is the only English language magazine available in Denmark aimed at simplifying the transition into Danish Life for expats – a key requirement when targeting the expat community

Research shows that expats are interested in

•Travelling and making excursions in and outside Denmark
•The Danish arts, design, and cultural events
•Danish history, traditions and food
•Home furnishing, going out, shopping

Our readers

  • Main reader is the well educated expat and his or her family
  • Our average reader is between 28-50 years old
  • Has a medium to long term education
  • Was either studying, working or on maternity leave before coming to DK
  • Enjoys socialising, art, cultural events, design and sports and is a keen traveller
  • The primary objective is to be settled in, and to start up his/her own (and her family’s) everyday life, as quickly as possible. The expat will either want to work, stay at home, study or start up her own business
  • 70 % of our readers are women- however our Facebook followers there are only 60 % men

Editorial Content

  • Case stories and articles (what others have done to adjust to life in Denmark, with tips and insights)
  • Practical things for herself and her family’s everyday life
  • Travel and other leisure activities inside and outside DK
  • House and home decoration, accessories and Danish design
  • Longer feature articles on different topics ( such as: school system, health system, property market)
  • Follow up relevant news (political, social, economic, cultural topics Danes talk about)
  • Danish history and traditions ( Denmark and the Danes, seasonal customs and traditions )
  • Food (from recommendations of places to eat, traditional meals, to support for grocery shopping)
  • Where to meet (networks &associations)
  • Options for sports activities, fitness, health and beauty treatments


  • Each issue is available to buy on line as a digital magazine download
  • Subscription sales of either the digital or print copy
  • Sales through selected retail outlets; newsstands and bookstores in areas with many expats
  • Browsing copies will also be available in areas frequented by expats such as international schools, relocating agencies, serviced apartments, international hotels etc.