Your Danish Life is an English language online magazine, which publishes articles daily on living in Denmark for the expat community here.

We provide insights, information and inspiration to help you settle in your Danish life.

Our Your Danish Life Team consists of members who are, or who have been, expats in Denmark or have had expat experiences in another country.

Bente, a native-born Dane, has lived as an expat outside Denmark in Poland, France, Austria, Finland, and Belgium.

Some of the expat experiences were as a child attending international schools and others working within marketing and management for multinational companies.

Her many expat experiences have given her an in-depth understanding of what it is like to  move to a country foreign from her own and adapt to new environments.

Tina is an Indian, whose move to Denmark in May 2022 marked her very first expatriate experience. Back home, she studied journalism and mass communication and worked as a content writer for both print publications and lifestyle brands.

Although her country of residence has changed, her love for words has not, and she enjoys sharing the handy tips and tricks she’s been picking up along the way with those like her, who are trying to find (and steady) their feet in blustery Denmark and make sense of expat life in a foreign land.

Louise is British and has been an expat for 21 years, of  which eight have been in Denmark. She has also lived and worked in The Netherlands, Italy, France and Syria and knows very well the challenges of making a new country feel like home.

She has been writing and editing for more than 20 years and is passionate about sharing knowledge to help other expats to make the most of their time abroad. Louise is responsible for our newsletter and for proofing of articles.

Sehrish is a British Pakistani national who has been in Denmark for the past seven years with her husband and children.

Her children are in a Danish school so she shares with us also her experiences of the Danish school system and integrating into the Danish mindset.

Our range of editorial contributors are all expats living in Denmark, who contribute with their own personal experiences and those they hear from friends and work colleagues around them.


Editor in Chief: Bente D. Knudsen

Newsletter, proofing and contributing editor: Louise Chamberlain

Editorial Contributors:
Tina Jimmy Dastur, Inger Stokkink, Sehrish Haq, Louise Chamberlain

Mayra Navarrete

Lotte Dehli, Dehli Design


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