Dear readers, these are the

New Measures from 10:00 AM tomorrow morning the 18 March:

– no more than 10 people gathered at the same time indoors or outdoors and please respect this also when you do private gatherings – indeed consider if you need to meet at all
– all shopping malls to close except the food selling part
– all eateries and coffee shops, bars and pubs to close except for take away
– all hair dressers, massage centers, sun centers and those making tattoos are to close
– all shops to ensure that people can stand with distances and that there are washing and disinfecting facilities available


We will try to put it all in a more detailed article as soon as possible but the above is the essence of it.


Stay safe and remember it is all being done to reduce spread which is at the top of the agenda in all measures as well as trust that people will take this seriously. / Your Danish Life Team