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Halloween starts in Tivoli on 11 October

If you are not a fan of huge spiders, spiderwebs, and other scary items, then avoid the Copenhagen amusement park as it certainly has embraced the American Halloween tradition. However, the 22,000 pumpkins used for decorations really are a visual delight.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

It is NOT a Danish tradition but as with Black Friday, it seems to make good commercial sense for the old amusement park to prolong its normal annual summer season by adding a few more (also Christmas and the Danish winter break) during the Danish schools’ autumn holiday.

Halloween was added to the program 13 years ago.

Open from Friday 11 October until Sunday 3 November, if the weather is nice, it can be a good excursion for adults and children alike.

A few fun events not to miss is for instance the Danish Pumpkin Championship taking place on Saturday 12th October at 11.30 to 12:30.

Here Danish producers compete to find the ones producing the largest pumpkin of the breed Atlantic Giant, some even import Canadian seeds to improve their chances.

It is a popular event, so expect a crowd. Last year the winner pumpkin weighed more than 589kg. Will this record be broken in 2019?

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Another fun event taking place as Halloween gets closer is the Monsters’ Night Out on 26 October at 18:00 – here more than 150 dressed up monsters take part when the Copenhagen Zombie Crawl parade passes through Tivoli.

As most monsters enjoy a good ride, they will try several rides in Tivoli as well. See them at Svingkarrusellen around 19:00, Rutschebanen at  20:30, and they will end their Monster’s Night out at Monsunen at 22:00.

Open Sunday to Thursday from 11:00 to 23:00 and Friday to Saturday from 11:00 to midnight.

Not all amusements are open, and the wilder ones for teenagers and excitement seeking adults stay closed.

However, when the sun shines the park is really beautifully decorated and a delight to stroll through.

If you want to have look in without paying the entrance fee, remember the outside terrace in front of the Tivoli food hall will again be open, allowing a nice view inside.