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With all the wind – do you know how cold it is for your skin when you go outside?

Denmark is windy, the modern wind chill factor developed by DMI can help you evaluate just how cold the added wind is.

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The next week promises frost filled days and a great deal of wind: because of the wind even just a few minus degrees will make you feel much colder or even iwith plus degrees, a strong wind will feel really cold.

How cold is it on you skin and what to wear?

To help you out, the Danish Meteorological Institute has a modern kuldeindeks, chill factor index, to help citizens dress for the (windy) weather conditions when they spend time outdoors.

The kuldeindeks is based on research by American and Canadian researchers who have updated the wind chill factor used previously by making simulations on people in wind tunnels and through computer based models.

On DMI’s website, before going outdoors, you can calculate the temperature in a small model by giving it the values: outdoor temperature and wind speed.

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The index shows what temperature the air feels like at a certain temperature and wind speed.

If it is very windy and you do not move around a lot, it can quickly become very cold.

DMI uses the classic Danish example of being at an outdoor football match. The temperature is 5 degrees Celsius and the wind blows at 12 m/s.

If you put these two values into the DMI calculator, the air temperature value will show -1.

So even if the temperature says plus five, it will feel like minus 1, and you may need long underwear, gloves and a hat!

The wind chill factor index works at up to + 10 degrees Celsius and with wind speeds from 1,3 m/s.

Read more and find the link to the calculator

Find it on DMI’s website  and calculate what the coming days of windy weather will make the temperature feel like on your skin.

Look for Beregn Kuldeindeks on their site here.


Source and picture of kuldeindeks: DMI

By Bente D. Knudsen     Picture: Hisham Ammar