Wine & Dine

Are you in for an Ugly Duck beer and a great Italian stone oven pizza?

Are you looking for an international, laid back but cosy loft atmosphere – then all you need to do is visit the newly open second outlet of Tribeca NV. Restaurateur Søren Buchleitner named his restaurants after the legendary spot on Manhattan know as Tribeca – adding NV for the part of Copenhagen called NordVest.

By Bente D. Knudsen

Yesterday the free beer from Ugly Duck beer and the lovely Italian pizza slices attracted huge crowds at the opening reception of Tribeca Ugly Duck beer and pizza lab.

The pizzas are made in a huge rotating stone oven – a modern version imported from Italy. It is so large; it only passed through the doors with a few centimetres space on each side.

Undoubtedly, Tribeca/Ugly Duck is in for a success.

With two outlets next to each other, but with different interiors and menus, guests can choose the more sophisticated sit down for dinner loft atmosphere of the Italian osteria inspired Tribeca NV, or the laid back, young and hip beer and pizza concept of Tribeca Ugly Duck Beera & Pizza Lab.

For beer lovers there is an ample selection of Ugly Duck beers to choose from – so maybe take your bicycle when visiting?

The Nordvest quartier in Copenhagen is the new and upcoming hip area, certainly around the streets of Rentemestervej, Bygmester vej and Bisiddervej.

Here a former industrial area, with small workshops is being transformed into a new residential area with apartment buildings, offices and technical institutes and schools.

It is certainly an area worth visiting – even if to many – it is the more dark side of Copenhagen- being at the tail end of the Nørrebro district.

Find Tribeca NV and Tribeca Ugly Duck beer & pizza lab at:  Bygmestervej 2, 2400 København NV – phone : 35 85 10 50. The new eatery is open also for lunch with a range of nicely priced pizza slices, salads and pastas, and as of 17:00 a full range of pizzas and more.