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“Avoid e-cigarettes is the latest recommendation”

Danish health authorities strongly advise against the use of e-cigarettes in a press release issued after the mysterious death of five young people in the USA.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

Headlines all over the world have been full of information about the tragic death of  several young Americans due to the use of e-cigarettes.

In Denmark, e-cigarettes have been sold legally since 2008 and are sometimes advertised as a non-offensive replacement for smoking to help smokers who want to stop smoking.

However, the Danish health authorities stress that e-cigarettes are not on the Danish drug authority’s list of approved nicotine replacement products.

E-cigarettes are products used to inhale the microscopic particles that are formed when an e- liquid, with or without nicotine, is heated.

The Danish authorities stress that there is a great deal of uncertainty about the possible health consequences of e-cigarettes, both those with and those without nicotine, particularly the long-term health consequences are unknown.

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Recent research shows that it can be harmful to use e cigarettes and therefore the Danish authorities do not recommend the use of e-cigarettes in general.

As a result of the tragic deaths they have issued new guidelines where they stress that using e-cigarettes should be avoided by women who are pregnant, by children and young adults.

They also strongly warn against adding any other liquids such as oils etc. to e-cigarette liquids.

Also, if you are looking to quit smoking, the Danish health authorities strongly recommend using the approved medication and nicotine replacement products together with one of the many counselling programs.

The new updated recommendations have been issued after the tragic death of five young Americans who had used e-cigarettes and subsequently died of a lung disease.