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Corona pass will expire 5 months after second shot – implemented as of 16 January 2022

Validity of the corona pass will be set at five months after the second shot or after infection, applied as of 16 January 2022

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By Bente D. Knudsen

The Danish Government has decided to follow the advice from the Epidemic Board to reduce the validity of the corona pass to five months after the second shot or after an infection.

The aim is to get the last residents to get their third shot.

This means that all who have been invited to a third shot, but who did not yet sign up for it  and who have more than five months since the second shot will find themselves with an invalid corona pass after starting this coming Sunday 16 January.

The pass becomes valid again immediately after the third shot or  will become valid 11 days after a postive PCR test.

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Corona pass valid for five months after the second shot for residents from the age of 18

Corona pass becomes valid again immediately after revaccination

No end date set at present after the third shot

Revaccination has not yet been offered the age group 15 to 17, therefore for this age group their corona pass remains valid after the second shot and is not subject to the five-month validity date

The corona pass becomes valid (again) 11 days after a positive PCR test and remains valid for five months.

Validity of corona pass after second shot or infection set at 5 months from date of second shot or date of positive PCR test – the validity time frame will be effective starting on 16 JANUARY, this means that if your corona pass is based on the second shot of more than five months after midnight on 15 January, your pass is no longer valid to use to enter in places where the pass is mandatory for entry. This is valid for all Danish residents from 18 years of age. The third shot does not at present have a validity expiry date. It is still possible to get a corona pass based on a negative test.

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