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Explore the Copenhagen Harbour waterfront; walk or bike along the Harbour Circle.

The newest harbour front area consists of former docklands, now regenerated with urban life, water canals and living space in many shapes and forms.

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Text and pictures by Bente D. Knudsen

Looking for things to do this winter?

Why not plan for a day of outdoor sightseeing along the Copenhagen Harbour waterfront.

Presently you can explore either a 13 km circle or break it down to shorter sections of 2, 4 or 7 km.

If you get tired along the way, you can always catch the harbour bus back to your starting point.

The route will take you to the newest housing developments with amongst other waterborne townhouses complete with their own boat mooring station, to large new scale apartment buildings.

In between you will find houseboats, a harbour bath, sailing boats, motorboats, cafes, restaurants and even a Churchboat.

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Walking may be easier than bicycling the whole route, so maybe drop off your bicycle or car at a departure point and just enjoy a slow walk enabling you to take in the many sights on the way.

Our walk took us to the newest area with Fredriks Brygge, Engholmene, Teglholmene and the waterborne town houses on along Teglholmens Østkaj.

We crossed new bridges such as the Alfred Nobels Bridge and were astonished by the new local church, as there was none before of course the new one created had to be formed as a ship – on the water. Don’t miss out on Kirkeskibet as the church is called.

The area is dominated by the power station of MAN BMW Diesel, so remember to pass by the large windows and peep at the huge diesel run power generator located on Teglholmsgade, a relique from former ages.

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A good starting point is the Italian supermarket, Supermarco, located on Vester Teglgade, you could start with a quick Italian lunch from their excellent small bistro.

Cross over to Frederiksbrygge, established from 2016 to 2020, and admire the location of apartment houses just next to the waterfront where a morning dip all year round is possible, large staircases running into the water invite to stop and contemplate or to come back on a warmer day.

Continue from Frederiksbrygge along Frederiksholmløbet ( picture above) , you should be able to continue along the waterfront until you reach Alfred Nobel’s Bridge.

Cross it and take either Dieselvej or Cylindervej on your lefthandside, a small footpath leads you along the apartment buildings on one side and the offices of Man Energy Solution’s building and parking area on the other.

You will want to pass over to the townhouses on Teglholmens Østkaj and the building project Kongerækkerne.

If you get lost, make sure to reach the main harbour canal, Sluseløbet, as the town houses lie adjacent to it.

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Continue to Teglholmens Sydkaj and walk along the water to the bridge Teglværksbroen.

On the other side are more harbour fronts and apartment houses leading you to Sluseholmene, the boat restaurant Vanvid might be open but there are also a few other eateries and coffee houses in this area.

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During the summer you could take a dip in the harbour bath (closed during the winter season).

Walk the same way back but this time stay inland along Støberigade until you reach Østre Teglgade where you can again walk along the waterfront, here you can look across the water at Frederiksbrygge on your way back to Supermarco.

There are of course numerous other possible  walks to explore the area and if you are tempted, you can follow along the whole Harbour Circle route, the white line in the picture below gives the whole route to follow.

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The area is not completely finished as the extension and last lapse of the M4 metro is being built, as are more apartment buildings, so you may find some routes slightly altered due to building activities – but in general it is possible to walk or cycle along the suggested route.

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