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Cyclists and moped drivers target of police campaign this week

Reckless and risk taking cyclists and moped drivers pose a threat in the traffic and not only to themselves. A campaign is to make them more aware of this.

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By Bente D. Knudsen   Picture: NH Lindegaard

Reckless cyclists and moped drivers with no regard for the traffic regulations pose an increasing risk, both to themselves but also for others.

The police are on the lookout for them this week on all Danish roads.

Danish police will be looking for what they call the soft road users’ lack of respect for the traffic regulations, such as passing at red lights, driving on pavements and in pedestrian zones, and in general not considering other road-users at all in their behaviour in the traffic.

The campaign will run until 27 January, targeting cyclists and moped drivers. The reason is the high level of accidents involving the soft road users, who have a higher risk of fatal or very grave accidents.

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In 2017, 27 cyclists and 9 moped drivers were killed in the traffic, and a further 766 cyclists and 292 moped drivers were injured.

Unfortunately, so the police reports, a range of accidents were due to the many risks taken by cyclists and moped drivers on the road and their disregard for the traffic regulations.

If mopeds, who can use the bicycle paths, drive at a higher speed than allowed, they pose a grave risk both for themselves but also for other road users. They also create a feeling of insecurity for the cyclists but also for pedestrians

This campaign aims to create awareness amongst cyclists and moped drivers that they are “soft” targets in the traffic and therefore more at risk of serious accidents – even deadly ones – if they do not abide by the traffic regulations. Passing at a red light is fined with DKK 1,000.

If you are in doubt as to cycling regulations – find more information in our article here 

See what you can be fined for and how much you have to pay below.



No lights on when they must be DKK 700
Hand holding your mobile phone with your hands while cycling DKK 1,000
Faulty breaks/reflects other faults DKK 700
Passing a red light DKK 1,000
Cycling/driving in the wrong direction DKK 1,000
Cycling in a pedestrian crossing DKK 700
Cycling on the pedestrian path in the wrong direction DKK 700
Not giving signs with your hands DKK 700
Cycling on a pedestrian path DKK 700
No bell that works – a warning is issued