Danish Super Market Chains: We have enough supplies

In a joint effort to prevent massive shopping and hoarders, all Danish supermarket groups have announced that they have large stocks.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

There are enough supplies of everything in stocks in Denmark so if people will just buy as usual, supermarkets will not run out temporarily of supplies.

This important message comes as pictures and messages of massive shopping and people rushing out to stock up on toilet paper, canned products etc. are in circulation.

The large Danish groups are for instance Coop, Salling Group and Rema 1000.

We have been able to see the development in Germany and Poland and we have been filling up on our supplies, so if the Danes would just shop as they normally due, instead of what we saw on Wednesday evening (after the press meeting), then there is ample stock for the next two weeks , and shelves will be refilled every day, the director of Salling Group Per Bank said to Danish TV2.

Both Coop and Rema 1000 have been passing the same message and on Twitter, Communications Director Jonas Schrøder wrote:

“We have been sending out supplies to all our shops all night, our suppliers are ready and the food supply in this country is fully operational. There is no need to shop more than usual. Take care of each other and your families”.

The Danish Government has announced it is prepared to pas legislation to prevent hoarding if the country’s citizens persist in not listening to advice against it.

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The Danish Minister of Health has activated parts of the drug preparedness. This means that you cannot buy more prescription medicines at the pharmacy than what you normally consume, and that pharmacies and supermarkets will not hand out more than of one pack of OTC medicines per customer. The decision has been taken to avoid hoarding. You can read more here.