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December Update: Gathering size of 10 maintained until 28 February 2021

As spread continues to be high, the health authorities have prolonged the ban on gathering more than 10 people, it was to have ended on 13 December. More measures for Christmas not yet known.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

The measure was put in place end of October limiting the number of people from 50 to 10 and has now been prolonged until the 13 December.

Voices have been raised against the lack of  information about Christmas, as in Denmark this is an important family event where it will be difficult to limit social gatherings to 10.

At present the Danish health authorities have not issued any information as to what it will take to be able to maintain a family Christmas as normal as possible.

With the 10 they do not calculate the people at your work or in your school or youth institution.

The 10 are people you decide to meet with to keep some semblance of a social life, which the authorities recognise is necessary for people to have  faith in the guidelines (and probably sanity as well in this difficult situation).

However at the press meeting on 7 December, the Danish Prime Minister stressed that the idea for the coming months is to meet up with as few people as possible and to reduce the social interaction also in our private homes.


The general recommendation is:

Limit the amount of people you meet up with (outside of work, school etc)

Stick to the same limited circle of people maximum 10 (not counting those you share your home with)

If possible, meet outside, go for walks

Meet up virtually if possible

Remember the hygiene advice of the Health Board
: distancing, frequent hand washing/use of a sanitizer, coughing in sleeve, stay at home if you have any symptoms, no kissing or hugging other than those you live with

The public right to assemble is maintained at 10 (that is the amount of people you can meet up with at public venues, restaurants, bars etc).

This does not mean that a museum is only allowed to let in 10 people but that a group cannot consist of more than 10 people as the aim is to limit the social interaction and size of groups that meet up.

The same goes for outdoor walks with friends, meet up only in groups of maximum 10.

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The recommended amount of people also goes for private dinners and parties, but take note that the Danish police has not been given the authority to enter private homes without good reason, so they will not be driving around and keeping tabs on what goes on in private homes.

Should neighbours complain about loud music etc, they will ring door bells and tell people to end the party and go home.

The Danish Parliament would not let the Government take such invasive action in people’s private homes, but trust in the good sense of most residents and their will to work with the authorities on respecting the guidelines.

Find a link to the guidelines here.