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Did you notice that big beautiful moon last night? It is a so-called super moon – and yes it is bigger than usual.

By Bente D. Knudsen

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Yesterday night you may have noticed that the moon (rising at 16.20) was larger than usual – according to DMI this is because it is at the moment a Super-moon. The super-moon effect arises when earth and moon  are closer to each other than at any other point in time in 2017.

With the beautiful sun and clear weather today, you may still find it larger than usual. Take advantage of it, as the coming days will be cloudy and windy with less chance of a clear night.

Picture in this article is from Sunday 3 December 2017 with the moon just over the bridge across Storebælt – lighting up the bridge and surrounding sea as if spotlights were turned on.

The coming days it will be mild again- around 10 degrees Celsius with a great deal of wind. Next weekend the forecast is again colder and more sunny weather.



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