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Facebook changes your settings – again

You might be wondering what happened to the posts from a friend or group you were following? The reason: Facebook’s algorithms.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

If you are living in Denmark, you may find that without the social media Facebook it is difficult to stay updated and find information. Recently you may have noticed that you are getting fewer posts and updates from groups and friends.

The reason is that Facebook once again changed its algorithms and settings and may automatically have changed the settings for some people, groups or businesses you were following, changing them from being set as a standard in your Facebook settings to only follow the highlights instead.

This is because what you see on Facebook is determined by a computer. A so-called News Feed Algorithm, which is a piece of software that combines things it knows about your interests with stuff people post to give you a personalised stream of content.

Why they have done so is not clear, and neither is the algorithm’s selection process, i.e. when is something a highlight?

If you want to follow a particular group, friend or media,  and be sure to be notified by all their postings in your Facebook feed, then you have to change your settings yourself manually for each one you want to get the posts from.

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You can change your settings at any time, back and forth, should you change your mind.

How to set a group or business as someone you want all posts from?

Go to you settings page and choose notifications, under group activity, choose the groups/businesses you want to change the settings for.

If you want to follow them regularly and decide for yourself, which posts are interesting for you, you need to choose to follow all posts.

Otherwise Facebook will choose for you and most likely set them so you only get what Facebooks determines is interesting for you.