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From midnight using a facemask or a visor are mandatory on all public transport

If you are going out tonight and getting home late, remember to bring your facemask or visor when taking public transport or a taxi.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

A small reminder was issued today from the Danish Health Department reminding Danish residents that the 22 August starts tonight at midnight and that the requirement to wear a facemask or a visor all over the country and in all public transport; train, metro, bus, ferry, plane or taxi as well as at all stations thus comes into force.

Those exempts are children under the age of 12 and people with a physical or mental weakness.

Such a weakness does not have to be certified by a doctor but will be taken at face value.

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The use of a visor has been accepted as some people may not be able to wear a facemask and for them the visor represents an alternative, even if it may be less efficient than a facemask, it is still accepted by the Danish Health Authorities as being better than none at all.

If you do not abide by the mandatory regulation you may be asked to leave the train by the ticket controllers and if you do not, the police may be asked to intervene.

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At present a general fine for not using a facemask has not been set and according to the Danish Transport Minister, the experience at present in Aarhus, where wearing a facemask has been mandatory since the beginning of August, is that most travelers do wear one and if they don’t they get off when asked to do so.

The Danish Health Authorities stress that the facemask is to be seen as a supplement to the general requirement of distancing and high hand hygiene, and that the use of the facemask in public transport is being implemented as here it can be difficult to maintain distance.

Facemasks will remain a requirement for a while the Danish Health Minister said today at a press meeting but could not say how long it would be needed.

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