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Gear up for the cold and rainy season

Autumn  and winter means rain,  wind and much colder temperatures. Being prepared for it with the right rain gear is essential.

By Inger Stokkink and Bente D. Knudsen

This week Denmark is still under the influence of a high-pressure system bringing sun and more stable weather with less showers, however, the lastest long term forecast does predict a change to more wet and less stable weather starting next week.

So there is no way around it, the next months will bring many days with rain,  showers and colder temperatures.

So either way – gearing up is needed.

Your choice of waterproof gear will depend on your reason for venturing into the rain; find below a few tips to help you in your search.

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If you are commuting, it can be a good idea to shop in stores that sell hunting, skiing or sailing outerwear – specifically made to keep you warm and dry.

However, if you are taking your bicycle, where you generate a lot of warmth yourself, you might be looking more for ventilation than isolation.

Long coats keep your upper legs warm, but can be difficult to bicycle in.

In addition, on a bicycle in drizzling rain and with puddles everywhere, you need waterproof jackets and trousers that go over your everyday clothes.

Your waterproofs need to fit well as you have to be able to move about freely in them.

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Which material to choose?
The material of your coat defines your comfort and pricing.

Feather light down jackets and parkas keep you warm and allow free movement but they will not always keep you dry in a rainstorm.

Woollen coats can be warm but they can be heavy and hard to move about in.

There are coats and trousers with membranes that wick away moisture from inside, but won’t let in water from outside, such as the brand Helly Hansen.

Fjällräven also has a line of coats and trousers in G1000, a sturdy blend of cotton and polyester, that you can make waterproof with a wax bar (you buy it separately).

Either way, you may need several autumn and winter outfits to be able to adjust to the weather of the day.

Where to buy?

Check out SpejderSport, Friluftsland, as well as sports shops and chains such as Sportsmaster, Stadium, and Intersport.

For Children: Bilka, Føtex, Kvickley, and H&M have good value for money quality outerwear and rain-wear.

For children you can find more up market pricey Scandinavian brands such as Ticket to Heaven, Reima and Molo. These are mainly sold through children’s wear shops and in the children’s section of department stores such as Magasin and Salling).

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TIP- Woollen uderwear

Who said woollen underwear hard to look like your grandmothers? Here design from Joha.

Who said woollen underwear had to look like your grandmothers? Here design from Joha.


Just as for children (see Children’s wear article) staying warm by using woollen underwear, or underwear made of a combination of silk and wool can also be a good tip for adults.

Many brands, such as Joha and Rosemunde, actually make them in a nice design for adults.