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Breaking: Guide to where a facemask or vizir becomes mandatory

In this evening’s press meeting the Danish Prime Minister announced new mandatory regulations for wearing a facemask.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

The Danish Health Authorities have decided to expand the use of facemasks or vizirs from the mandatory requirement already in place in public transport and in restaurants and bars to further public indoor areas.

In a TV interview on the 22 October,  the Director of the Danish Health Board, Søren Brostrøm, admitted that the Danish authorities have changed their opinion concerning the use of facemasks based on the experiences in other European countries. They now recommend them as another tool in the toolbox, but he also underlined that a mask could not stand alone and that social distancing and reducing social interaction are still seen as the primary tools.

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Facemasks become mandatory from 29 October and until 2 January  2020 in the following public spaces:
– Public transport (is already in place)
– All eateries such as restaurants, bars, etc when entering and when not seated (is already in place)
NEW Public indoor locations such as cinemas supermarkets, shopping malls, libraries, museums etc
New Universities, high-schools, and all youth education centres when the pupils are in the common areas such as canteens, halls etc but not during their lessons. Take not this does not apply to childcare facilities and schools.
New All health institutions (clinics, GPs, hospitals etc)

Your Danish Life is currently seeking information about whether or not facemasks will become mandatory while performning a sports activity such as tennis etc indoors.

Find a link to the full text of new restrictions here.