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Hand held device costs a clip in your driver’s license if the police stop you

New regulation makes it even more expensive to be stopped by the police while driving with a handheld device, a fine might seem manageable but the clip in your driver’s licence may not.

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By Susanne Kee   Picture: Rigspolitiet

As of 10 September 2019, the police will not only hand out a fine of DKK 2,000 (1,500 fine and 500 for the victim’s association Offerfonden), they will also give you a clip your driver’s licence.

In Denmark, you lose your licence when you have three clips in it.

The police are very satisfied with this new measure, as it is very dangerous to have your attention removed from the road.

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Inattention is involved in one third of all fatal accident in Denmark the police say in their press release, adding that they see daily people who are occupied with their mobile device instead of focusing on the traffic.

The new clip regulation is valid for any handheld device, including walkie talkies and smartwatches.

The regulation is the outcome of the adoption of a tightening of the Road Act adopted by a political majority in parliament in December 2018, adding the clip to the already existing fine.

Handheld devices include all handheld telecommunications equipment and other handheld devices such as GPS, tablets, computers etc.

In Denmark you are not allowed to use a handheld device, smartphone, smartwatch, walkie talkie, tablet etc. when you drive a car, van, truck, bus as well as motorcycle and any kind of motorised scooter,  or when you ride a bicycle or your horse (for these last two you cannot lose your driver’s licence).