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Massive security around the French President’s visit in Copenhagen

No chances were taken today by the security services prior to the visit of French President Macron and his wife. Normal Danish traditions of allowing the public to get quite close and taking it “easy” were set aside due to the important terrorist threat to the guest.

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By Bente D. Knudsen Pictures: Niels H. Lindegaard

In Denmark, you can at any moment get quite close to the Danish Crown Prince, if for instance you are at Amalienborg at the time when he arrives back home on bicycle and takes his key out to get in.

This happened to some newly arrived expats, who were quite astonished that his royal highness needed a key! And that they could stand just a few meters from his door.

Of course, they have security around them, Copenhagener’s are quite used to seeing one black Land Rover – with the Crown Princess inside, followed by another one with her security detail in the streets around the palace, or in Hellerup where the royal children go to school.

However, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie,for instance, are not followed by security guards daily.

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So the amount of police and police motorcyclists this morning for the short ride from Kastellet to Amalienborg was quite impressive, as you can see in this photoshoot by our local reporter on site.

He did get told off by a nice police woman for being just a bit too close, but you can see both the president in Crown 1 waving through the window, and his wife and Crown Princess Mary waving from Crown 8.

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