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Meet Copenhagen Phil

The classical orchestra, Copenhagen Phil, invites you to their classical concerts or if you are not a great classic adept – get to know more at their one hour concerts – aimed at merging classical and rhythmic music, performed from November to March.

By Karen Covington and Bente D. Knudsen    Pictures: Copenhagen Phil/Arts Management

Copenhagen Phil, performance in the music hall at Rosenørns Alle – the former home of DR Radio and its Symphony Orchestra.

Copenhagen Phil is a new name for an old revered orchestra and it draws its heritage to Tivoli’s founding father, Georg Car­sten­sen, who in 1843 engaged the then popular Danish composer, musician and conductor H.C. Lum­bye with his orchestra,  Det Lum­bye­ske Sel­skab, to play in his new Tivoli amusement park and gardens. At the time consisting of 22 musicians who mostly played concerts “à la Strauss”. Ever since they have played in Tivoli every summer, where they work full time as the Tivoli House orchestra.  A more limited repertoire is put up during the winter months in the concert hall of the Danish Music Conservatory.

Coming concerts:

You can check out their range of winter concerts here – unfortunately only in Danish. However, they also perform together with international musicians – one concert which is the violin concert with violin solist Baiba Skride, performing a concert called Skride & Stradivarius with the new chief conductor of Copenhagen Phil Toshiyuki Kamioka. Baiba Skride plays on a the Stradivarius  of famous violinist, Gideon Kremer. He has let her borrow it for this concert, knowing it is in good hands.

baiba_skride_foto_arts_management_groupSolist Baiba Skride, violin with the Copenhagen Phil in Skride & Stradivarius

Schubert / Symphony number 8
Prokofiev / Violinconcert number 2
Strauss / Don Juan
Strauss / Salome’s Dance

Saturday 19 November at 16:00. Tickets from DKK 150 to 300.


Konservatoriets Koncertsal
Julius Thomsens Gade 1
1974 Frederiksberg C
Metro stop: Forum