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MobilePay no longer integrated in Danske Bank

As of 1 October 2017, the smartphone payment application MobilePay is turned into an independent business unit, separate from its founder Danske Bank. The reason – its incredible success.

By Bente D. Knudsen

When MobilePay changes into an independent A/S it is due to the widespread use by consumers of this payment method. More than 60 different banks have become customers of MobilePay as they have wanted to offer the easy smartphone payment application to their customers as well – both private and business ones.

MobilePay is still going to be owned by Danske Bank, but will operate as a financially independent subsidiary.

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Your daily use of the application will not change, however you will notice design changes as the three different apps each get a new design.

If you are not a Danske Bank customer, you have probably become used to not getting very detailed receipts of your MobilePay payments from the bank.

This will change as all information to users becomes more detailed. You also still have to contact MobilePay for support and not your bank.

The new designs will be appear as of 25 September 2017 – but apart from the looks, everything stays the same.

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