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Pet a cow, play with the sheep and pick apples at the OPEN FARM DAY

On Sunday 16 September you are invited to visit one of the more than 50 farms scattered around Denmark that participate in the Open Farm Day 2018 (Åbent Landbrug ). Experience the modern farm, see where milk, egg, and meat comes from and get answers to the many questions city dwellers might have about farming and farm produce.

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By Bente D. Knudsen  Pictures: Åbent Landbrug

Despite it being an event that takes place for the 21st time, it still attracts many visitors every year. Most Danes probably do not know which part of the pig their flæskesteg comes from – which might account for the huge success of the Open Farm day. In 2017,  almost 100,000 visitors spent a Sunday at a farm.

”We are proud of our farms, the modern production and the high quality food we produce. This is why we want to invite Danes to visit our farms, to give them a good experience where they can learn how the food they buy is produced. By opening our stable doors we hope to create a dialogue between the farming industry in the countryside and the towns’ people who buy our produce every day,” says Martin Merrild, Chairman of the Agriculture and Food Council.

Modern day farming in Denmark is a lot about technology and robots helping in the daily production, with fewer people working on the farm than in the past.

”Danes do not have the same close and familiar relationship to the profession as they did in the past. But they want to know where their food comes from. Open Farm Day enables you to get close to production, the animals and the people behind, giving you a unique glimpse into modern food production,” says Jan Morre Christensen, project manager at Open Farm Day.

You can experience cows, calves, pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken as well as fruit and vegetable production when farmers all over the country open their doors from 10:00 to 16:00. In Jutland you can even visit two mink farms – should you be curious about this type of production – mink and fur skin production being such a large and economically important “industry” in Denmark.

Everyone is welcome and it is free. Wear the right gear though – such as proper foot wear or even wellingtons, and remember not to bring your beloved friend – the dog.

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Expect some of the farms closest to the big cities to be crowded as it is a popular event.

You can find a farm to visit on their site – even if it is in Danish – it is easy to navigate. You can select by region and when you click on a farm, the address and events to experience are given. For instance: Oplev køer og kalve – means experience cows and calves.

You can sort by type of farm production by choosing the top right box on the map – sortering– and it gives you a range of choices.

Sunday 16 September from 10:00 to 16:00. Find a farm 

If, for instance, you want to see a farm with fruit and vegetable production choose Gartneri.

By choosing Andet you get a range of other kinds of farms such as the apple and fruit orchard of Kildebrønde Frugtplantage next to Greve, where you can experience apple production and pick apples as well.

Sunday 16 September from 10:00 to 16:00. Find a farm