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Strong winds even gusts of wind of stormstrength and warnings of dangerous weather

A windy and rainy night awaits from tonight until Friday lunchtime.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

DMI warns of strong winds for the whole country with a warning of gale and strong winds with gusts of hurricane strength for the northern and western parts of Denmark.

This is due to the strong pressure system reaching Denmark from the southwest. The low-pressure system brings not only strong winds but also heavy rainfall locally.

With the past weeks’ large amounts of melted snow and heavy rainfall, streams and land is saturated all over the country, leading to high risk of flooding locally along low lying areas and sensitive coastal areas.

Wind with gusts of storm strength, even gale, may affect the bridges, making crossing prohibited for wind sensitive vehicles, even risking closing the bridges to traffic as the winds pick up, so stay updated if you need to cross for instance the Storebælts Broen or the Øresunds bro.

Also ferries and trains may be affected, check or to stay updated.

Remember to secure any garden furniture and other wind sensitive items in your garden or on your balcony.

As there are several conflicting models, concerning the trajectory of the low pressure system ( one says it will move north along the Danish west coast towards Norway, other that it will reach more to the south and east of Denmark as well) – stay updated at DMI for more information. More information here.