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Update: The current restrictions in 69 municipalities extended to all of Denmark

Update: As of 16 December a further 29 municipalities face extended restrictions with closed schools, restaurants, cultural institutions and indoor sports facilities until 3 January 2021.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

Today the Danish Government announced that the restrictions at present in place in all municipalities on Zealand (Region Sjælland and Region Hovedstaden) as well as all of Region Midtjylland ( Aarhus and several other municipalities), Odense and Aalborg as well as Vejle, Fredericia and Middelfart, would be extended to the whole country as of the 16 December.

This means that the measures will be in place now in all 98 municipalities.

The reason is the rise in spread all over the country, the aim being to reduce spread to avoid a situation where the Danish health sector comes under pressure.

At present not all hospitals are able to conduct normally scheduled operations and examinations, and have announced they will be starting to cancel as the pressure on staff during the holiday season will increase with more hospitalisations expected.

The capacity problems affect the ICU units, not due to a lack of equipment, but due to the strain on medical staff.

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The measures means that classes from grade 5 are to close for physical presence and change to online education (this means all high schools, universities, youth education centres and adult education centres), all cinemas, indoor sports and leisure activities and cultural institutions are to close, all restaurants, bars, cafes etc are to close for all else than take-away, all public non-essential functions to transfer to working from home and all private offices recommended to turn to working from home wherever possible.

Daycare centres and schools grade 0 to 4 grade remain open for normal activity. Public transport to remain in place as at present. All retail remains open at present. Professional sports activities can be maintained.

This partial lock down will be in place until 3 January 2021.


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However, there will not be any sanctions as the police does not have the legal right to do so, so it is again a request from the Danish Government to the population now affected by the partial lock-down.

At the same time, the current restrictions already in place and valid for the whole country have been prolonged until 28 February 2021:

– Ban on gathering in public places of more than 10 people
– Recommendation that in private people meet only with up to 10 at home and meet with as few new groups of people as possible
– Working from home as much as possible
– The use of facemasks as we know to continue
– The reduction of number of people pr m2 in the retail trade to be maintained
– In the whole country maintain closures of restaurants and bars etc at 22:00.

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Christmas and New Year:

Whether the Danish Government  will not impose further restrictions for these celebrations is not yet known, however these cannot be rules out maybe locally as spread has risen sharply in the Copenhagen region, Region Hovestaden.

The health authorities recommend a maximum of 10 people on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve in private homes, that as much distance is maintained between people and that the hand hygiene recommendations are maintained (you can read about how to host a 10 person dinner in our article here with the recommendations from the health authorities). They also recommend to get tested before spending time with elderly or people at risk.

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