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Prepare an Empty Belly For Dining Week 2017

As the seventh week of a daunting Scandinavian winter approaches, the wind is strong, the air is cold and the nights begin early. It’s easy to succumb to the effects that the winter has on one’s mood, but perhaps the best way to fight this is with good company, good food and a whole lot of hygge. Fortunately for us, Denmark’s Dining Week 2017 is right around the corner.

By Emily Bartosiewicz

Hosted by Copenhagen Food Magazine and San Pellegrino, this week will present over 200 restaurants around the country. Each restaurant selected to participate offers an interesting menu of high standards and will be of varying cuisines from around the world.

They will each prepare a three-course meal of their best quality for the price of DKK 215, which, with the additional cost of DKK 25 for the event’s ticket, you’ll be given access to.

Also included is a bottle of mineral water from San Pellegrino that can be shared amongst two people – useful if one would like to bring a date, as Valentine’s Day rears its head around, right in the middle of the week.

Following its festival debut in 2011, Dining Week has been held on the seventh week of each year. In the span of six years, it has gained an increasing number of following, major media coverage and visitors from around the world, also coming to see Copenhagen for the gastronomic city that it is.

Denmark’s Dining Week has made a massive progression, being now regarded as one of the leading culinary festivals around Europe.

What is unique to this year’s Dining Week is the inclusion of restaurant pop-up’s.

Langelinie Pavillonen invites guests to dine in the historic setting with a delectable Danish three-course meal while Odense Zoo will feature an exciting African menu.

However, one of the most interesting pop-up’s is that of 7-Eleven. Diverting from it’s iconic “late night corner shop” stigma, the pop-up restaurant will be called “7-Eleven Gourmet By Cofoco” and will be held in a house on Magstræde. The three courses on the menu will feature ingredients from varying suppliers for the shop, including Cofoco, Simply Chocolate and Brødflov.

There will also be many recognisable restaurant names in the mix. Kul, Sticks’n’Sushi, Nyhavn’s Færgekro, BROR, Meyers Deli – to name a few. To see a full list click here and to purchase tickets for the event, click on the restaurant of your choice to check for availability.

So to all the major foodies out there, sharpen your forks and knives and undo that belt buckle, because Denmark’s Dining Week 2017 will not disappoint you, and it definitely will not leave you with an empty belly.

The Dining Week takes place from 12 to 19 February 2017 - read more here and find more of our Wine and Dine tips here