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Enjoy the special Tivoli New Year’s Eve firework show

Despite being closed, Tivoli has decided that Copenhagener’s should not be deprived of the last firework show of the year. At 23:00 on the 31 December the show starts.

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Pictures and text by Bente D. Knudsen

Tivoli’s firework show is extremely popular and normally takes place during the summer on Saturday Evenings, and again on the 31 December when guests inside and outside of the amusement park can enoy the sight; it can be heard up to 10 km from town.

Normally, when the park is full of guests, the fireworks are shot off from the roof of the Tivoli Concert Hall – inside Tivoli.

However, this year, without any guests, there is more space and according to Tivoli, the show will be magnificent and high enough in the sky for many to enjoy from outside the park.

Hopefully the evening will be clear and dry for many to see it.

If you stand in front of the main entrance – on Axel Torv for instance – you have a really great view of the fireworks that rise far above Tivoli before exploding – illuminating the sky in white, red, and blue.