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Blooming birch trees bring red eyes and running noses to those with pollen allergy

While warm dry days may be just what you have been waiting for, for those affected by various pollen allergies, they also mean the start of the pollen season.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

Every year the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association, together with DMI, the Danish Meteorological Institute, monitors the pollen count during the season.

The past days’ very spring like temperatures have made the first birch  trees bloom.

Yesterday the pollen figure for birch high at 142 for East Denmark/ The Copenhagen region but moderat in West Denmark (Aarhus) with levels at 75 for birch.

Many people react strongly when the birch trees bloom and in Denmark more than 1,000,000 citizens have with pollen allergy, of them 50 percent suffer from Birch pollen allergy.

The weather also tends to affect its development, and sunny and warm weather leads to many pollen, whereas cold and rain give a quiet season.

For those not used to allergies, take note that a running nose and red and even running eyes are very typical for those afflicted with pollen allergy.

Find links to more pollen counts below.


At DMI’s website you can find a daily pollen count – find it here.

But also the Danish Astma and Allergy Association has a great site  where you can see levels for many cities around the country. Find it here. ( Danish only).

In Denmark you will find that the next trees/ other pollen producers to bloom are: birch ( April/May), grass (June) and artemesia(July) – the season lasts until end of August.


Tips and advice if you are a pollen allergy sufferer

As it is impossible to avoid pollen completely make sure to get the right medical treatment. If, despite your treatment, you still have symptoms when the pollen count is high – here are a few tips:

• Reduce pollen by using sunglasses – or special cycling glasses

• Wash or rinse your hair before bedtime – to avoid getting pollen in your bed

• Do not dry you clothes or bed linen outside during the pollen season as they will collect up pollen grains and bring them inside

• Air out in the early morning or late evening when there are the fewest amount of pollen in the air – and keep doors and windows closed at peak birch pollen times


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