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Cheer the Queen as she travels to Køge and Nyborg on the royal yacht

Dannebrog, the royal yacht, acts as residence for the Danish Royal family on numerous occasions. Tomorrow is a great opportunity for a closer look when the Queen visits Køge.

By Bente D. Knudsen

The Danish Royal Family’s yacht, Dannebrog, normally lies at anchor in front of Holmen when in Copenhagen – and when the Queen wants access – she sails out to it on a small motorboat.

You can see the royal flag flying from the mast indicating when the Queen is aboard.

From 28 May to the 31 May, Danish Queen Margrethe will travel to Køge and Nyborg on board the royal yacht, and the public has a great chance to get a closer look at the royal yacht when it lies at quay in both these cities.

The actual Dannebrog is an old lady, the yacht was built in 1932 at the then existing shipyards of Copenhagen (Orlogsværftet), the more modern ship replaced the former one which dated back to 1879.

The yacht has a crew of 55, all of them naval personnel, as the ship is officially part of the Danish naval fleet, and it is 78m long and 10m wide.

When in official use, a further staff of 27 from the Royal Household and up to 14 passengers are added.


Dannebrog has visited most Danish seaside towns and harbours, and sailed to Greenland and Greece to act as royal residence for the Danish Royal Family’s many trips around Denmark and abroad.

The first cruise in 2019 will take place on 28 and 29 May when the Queen visits Køge ( just 20 km to the south of Copenhagen easily accessible by S-train) and Nyborg on Funen on 31 May.

28 May 2019
10.00: The Royal Yacht, Dannebrog, sails into Køge Harbour where the Queen is greeted by a welcome committee and at 10:30 she will ride by horse carriage through the streets of Køge to the city hall where she is received at 10:45.

At 11:40 she will leave the city hall again by horse carriage to ride through the streets of Køge.

The horse carriage will at all times be escorted by the Queen’s mounted horse guards, Gardehussarregimentets Hesteeksdron.

It is a magnificent sight, and an opportunity to get quite close to both the Queen and the beautiful horse guards.

She has a full program during the day, in the evening she is host to a reception on Dannebrog and stays onboard until the next day when there are again visits in the morning.

You can find the full map of the different horse carriage rides here.

On Friday 31 May, Dannebrog sails into the harbour at Nyborg.

At 10:00, the Queen is received at Kongens Skibsbro in Nyborg from where she rides by horse carriage, and escorted by the mounted horse guards, to the city hall.

You can see the full carriage ride through Nyborg here:

She has a full program all day and in the evening, she is host to a reception on board Dannebrog before  Dannebrog sails out of Nyborg at 21:30.

If you live on Funen this is again a great opportunity to see Dannebrog, royal carriages, the Queen and her mounted horse regiment.