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Copenhagen Harbour’s small secrets – these sunny days – cycling tour to Refshaleøen

Many years ago the area called Refshaleøen was closed off to the public – most of it was “populated” by the Danish navy. The last ten years has seen the area open op – as the navy has left and the area has become home to Copenhageners looking for cycling tours not to far off from home.

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By Bente D. Knudsen   Pictures: Bettina Jansen

You can start from Christianshavn – see below for directions or you could take the longer harbour cycling route starting from the bridge at Fisketorvet  taking you over to Islands Brygge.

Cycling along this side of the Copenhagen harbour is a real delight – especially as the opposite side is full of office buildings and hotels, and a road with lots of traffic, whereas the Amager side has been left to pedestrians and cyclists.

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You can now cycle all the way to Christianshavn due to the knew Circle bridge, which allows you to pass over the canal and ride along the canal- at some point though turn right and take Strandgade to cross Torvegade and take a look down Sankt Annægade where you can see the beautiful church Vor Frelsers Kirke – if it is open when you pass – remember to go to the top of the tower to enjoy the spectacular views over Copenhagen.

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Go back to Strandgade and continue along it until you reach Wilders Bridge – cross over and take the Butterfly 3 Way bridge towards the Opera – turn right and find Danneskjold Samsøs Alle – cycle along it until you reach Kongebrosvej and Krudtløbsvej – continue  until you reach Refshalevej.

Follow Refshalevej until the end and you will reach the small restaurant La Banchina – it also has a great sauna you can use for DKK 40 after taking a dip in the harbour. It is located right next to a small canal at Refshalevej 141a. 

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You can of course use a map and take a variation of the above route out to La Banchina.

Bring a picnic or buy drinks and a meal here for your pit stop before you go home.

If you want a more fancy meal – you could try to get a table at the new NOMA restaurant located not far from here next to Christiania on Refshalevej 96 (open ONLY Wednesday to Saturday for both lunch and dinner).

You can also visit the new street food market at Reffen – a replacement of the very popular Papirøen – which no longer exists as the area is being used for property and leisure development. Reffen is located not far from your last stop at Refshalevej 167A, as you just need to follow Refshalevej further down the road.

Take note that as something new you cannot pay cash in any of the food stall – if you do not have an appropriate credit card you can buy a prepaid payment card on site.

Read more about Reffen here.