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COVID-19 Restriction UPDATE: Some end on 16 January others are prolonged until 31 January

Culture and leisure activities may reopen, nightlife remains closed and a range of other measures are maintained. Vaccine pass only valid for 5 months after 2 second shot. Find all details below.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

After the meeting of the Epidemic Board on 12 January and the press meeting, the Danish Governement decided to ease a range of the restrictions in place since mid December.

The reason is the control which the authorities have with the epidemic, the high vaccination rate- also of the third  shot, and the fact that OMIKRON is less serious than the previous dominant variant the Delta.

Infection is less dangerous as less become seriously ill, the risk of getting hospitalised is lower as is the risk of needing help from an IC Unit. OMIKRON now represents 95 percent of all infections the Danish Health Minister said at the meeting.

This means that on 16 January it will again become possible to visit a museum, go to a concert as all  cultural institutions such as museums, art forums, zoos, aquariums, tivolis etc. may reopen as well as outdoor sports activites with audiences.

Also all the eductions centres which had been closed and not reopened for physical presence may reopen such as højskoler, aftenskoler, day and evening schools as well.

All of the above with a valid corona pass.

For indoor activites such as cinemas, theatres, venues for concerts, konferences etc. they may also reopen  as of 16 January but with restrictions on number of visitors set at 500 and with a valid corona pass.

A valid corona pass may become more challenging to have as of 16 January for approximately 500,000 Danish residents who do not have the booster shot and whose second shot lies more than 5 months in the past.

The validity of corona pass after second shot or infection is set at 5 months from date of second shot or date of positive PCR test – the validity time frame will be effective starting on 16 JANUARY, this means that if your corona pass is based on the second shot of more than five months after midnight on 15 January, your pass is no longer valid to use to enter in places where the pass is mandatory for entry.

This is valid for all Danish residents from 18 years of age.

The third shot does not at present have a validity expiry date. It is still possible to get a corona pass based on a negative test, the validity of a negative PCR or negative Quick test remains the same as before.


All other restrictions maintained until 31 January but will be reviewed during the next 2 weeks, se which ones  below.

The remaining restrictions and measures will be revised gradually over the next two weeks in order to evaluate if they should continue until 31 January or if there is a reason to change what has been agreed upon based on new facts or a new situation.


The article continues below.

Please find a sum up of the restrictions and measures MAINTAINED until 31 January

Seat reservations for long distance buses and regional trains and intercity trains

Restaurants, bars, and other eateries to stop service at 22:00 and to close at 23:00

Number of guests pr m2  in all facilities are open

Work from home as much as possible

Limit the number of social contacts

Get tested if any symptoms with a PCR test

If symptoms, even a mild cold, stay at home (other than for testing)

Facemasks will reamin mandatory to a large extent and must be used in all open cultural and business areas, this means facemasks are mandatory in churches etc.

Validity of negative PCR test set at  72 hours and of negative quick test set at 48 hours in order to be valid as a corona pass.

The entry requirement of a negative quick test or pcr test for Danish residents either before entry or taken 24 hours after entry is maintained and  for all foreigners a negative test is required prior to entry / boarding ( you can read all the information on entry requirements at

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