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English Language Theatre: The Lover

“Is your lover coming today?” Sarah nonchalantly asks her husband as she leaves for work at the start of the play.

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By Susanne Kee      Pictures: Filip Orestes/PR

“The Lover” opens with this bold question. Although the couple seemingly are okay with each other’s extramarital affairs, all is not well.

The play was written by acclaimed British playwright, Harold Pinter in 1962. It is a one act play, with only two actors, Jana Pulkrabek as Sarah and Tom Hale as Richard.

The production decided to put a spin on the original with a culturally relevant role reversal, with Sarah heading off to work, and Richard tidying up and making dinner.

The play explores the realities of marriage and the need for fantasies. The characters spar back and forth, having ambiguous conversations full of innuendos. Is the couple playing games? What happens when the game isn’t fun for one of the players anymore?

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Directed by Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen and produced by Hamburg based Manusarts and Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre, “The Lover” is being performed at the House of International Theatre (HIT) from 30th January to 3rd February 2019.

The House of International Theatre uses the stage facilities located on the fourth floor of renowned Huset in Copenhagen City centre, the venue is cosy and warm.

If you have never been to Huset in Copenhagen, this is an excellent opportunity to visit what is really a renowned culture venue.

Founded in 1970, it used to be the notorious meeting place for rock musicians, and despite a refocus on many different kinds of music, it is still a venue for culturally diverse activities, daring to experiment and reach out beyond the more classical arts.

It is also home to a laid-back café, where all types of board games can be played, a popular place to hangout for young people and students. The name? Café Bastard – what else!

Ticket price: DKK 160, students over 25: DKK 110, youth under 25: DKK 90

Where to buy:

Location: At the culture house Huset-KBH Rådhusstræde 13, 4th floor, Stage, 1466 Copenhagen, Denmark

The theatre, House of International Theatre (HIT), is a platform for international and English language performing arts, cultural activities and cultural exchanges, promoting diverse artistic interpretations, brave ideas and multicultural dynamics.

Curated by Artistic Director Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen (Down the Rabbit Hole) and International Artistic Director Jana Pulkrabek (Manusarts).