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Entry restriction update: Mandatory negative coronavirus test to enter Denmark until 31 January

Since 27 December 2021 a negative test has been mandatory prior to arrival for non-residents, for residents it has been possible to take a test up to 24 hours after arrival. The measure has been prolonged until the 31 January 2022 at midnight.

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By Bente D.Knudsen

Tests remain necessary to enter the country for non residents.

The test for non-residents must be made PRIOR to arrival and if it is a PCR test it should not be more than 72 hours old, if it is an antigene test  may not be more than 48 hours old.

For residents the test may be made after entry to Denmark, it must be done within 24 hours after arrival, it can be either a PCR or an antigene test.

However, for residents we recommend to check with their airline in question that the airline applies the resident rule prior to boarding in a foreign country.

The travel restriction has been prolonged until 31 January at midnight

There are exemptions from the demand such as for the so-called border workers who travel daily between for instance Denmark and Sweden, as well as for those transporting goods.

Also those who have been infected witin the past 6 months are excempt from presenting a negative test, they must be able to present proof of a positive test.

The English language site at has been updated with the travel restriction information.