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Heavy pressure on the borders between Denmark and Germany expected this weekend and until 11 July

Danish holiday season starts on Friday 23 June and with road works on the A7/E45 highway, travellers may be in for a heated weekend. Germany’s border control measure is to stay in place until the 11 July, three days after the end of the G20 summit in Hamburg.

By Bente D. Knudsen

If you are travelling south for more sun and warmth, as will many Danes this weekend and the coming four weeks (the main holiday weeks for industrial workers being the four weeks of July ( 27,28,29,30), expect prolonged waiting times to cross the borders between Denmark and Germany.

The weekend 23 to 25 June roadworks just south of the border, on the German highway A7,between Slesvig-Schuby and Slevig Jagel will be the cause of congestion and queues as that section of the highway will be closed from Friday at 17:00 until Sunday at 21:00.

You can check the status on the German site for more traffic information here.

With security high on the priority list for the Germans, who are hosting the G20 summit this summer in Hamburg on the 7 and 8 July, their border control measure will last until 11 July – two weeks into the main Danish holiday season.

The border control measure is put in place as a temporary measure and will be executed in a random and flexible way at all German internal Schengen borders – both land, air and sea.

The measure means that travellers to Germany may at all times be expected to present their passport or identity papers upon request, and therefore all travellers should take note to bring the required identification papers when crossing into Germany.

The purpose of the temporary German border control measure is to ensure a smooth and safe G20 summit.

”A safe and secure G20 summit has top priority for me, and to ensure this we must start at our borders. The controls will take place whenever needed and in a random way – however they are conform with the Schengen Border Codex and the measure has been coordinated with our European partners and the EU commission,” De Mazière says in a statement.