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Important TIP – pay in local currency when travelling

If you have a Danish credit card or a combined Dankort/Visa card from your Danish bank –it can be tempting to choose the Danish currency option, however, it will make your purchase more expensive.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

With the travel season coming up, it is worth remembering that selecting the Danish kroner option is more expensive than choosing local.

You have probably noticed that just before paying, after having entered your pin, you will be presented with the option of choosing Danish kroner or – for instance Euro – if you are travelling in the Euro zone.

Never choose Danish kroner, as the exchange rate used often makes your purchase more expensive.

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The Danish banks charge another exchange rate than the official Danish National bank’s exchange rate – up to 1.5 percent more, and if you choose Danish kroner, the shop or restaurant may charge you a fee as well.

So for the coming holiday, remember to choose local.

Happy holidays!