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In search of the best ice cream

Summer in Denmark is marked by long queues outside ice cream shops.  With ice cream parlours on virtually every high street, we are literally spoilt for choice. To save you the trouble of tasting them all, we’ve done it for you!

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By Louise Chamberlain

Paradis is a trusted favourite amongst Danes and you’ll find branches all over Denmark; more than 50 in all.

Although based on traditional Italian gelato, the recipe has been adapted to Danish tastes so it is lower in fat than the Italian version. Produced fresh every day, Paradis ice cream has a creamy texture and a great taste.

Selmas opened in Hellerup some years ago but they are by no means a newcomer to the Danish ice cream scene.

Selmas have been making fresh ice cream for almost 50 years. They have a good range of traditional flavours, as well as some interesting seasonal variations.

When you buy ice cream from Social Foodies, you can justify the indulgence with the knowledge that your purchase has made a difference.

Social Foodies is a social enterprise which aims to improve conditions for small African farmers. The goal is to produce high quality, delicious products in a fair and sustainable way. The ice cream is some of the best in town.

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If it’s value for money you’re looking for, head for Lydolphs Isbar in Hellerup. Lydolphs serve up unbelievably large ice creams in a variety of flavours.

Their popularity is attested to by the seemingly endless queue outside. Also Oliver’s at Skovshoved Harbour offers good value for money.

At Rajissimo, you can watch waffle cones being made while you enjoy your ice cream. The Nyhavn branch opened in 2005 and there are now four other stores across the city.

With 50 different flavours to choose from, making a decision isn’t easy! There are 18 regular flavours and the rest change according to the season. The ice cream is made at their dairy in Amager.

Most ice cream parlours are only open during the warmer months.

If you need a fix all year round, head to Ismageriet in Amager and in Dyssegaard. The shop is small and the ice cream is produced fresh throughout the day. It’s made with organic milk so is lighter than some of the alternatives. There are seasonal flavours as well as the more traditional such as vanilla, chocolate and pistachio.

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If you want to buy ice cream to eat at home, most ice cream shops sell it in insulated boxes to take away.

A reliable and convenient alterative is Hansens ice cream, which is available in most supermarkets.

Hansens have been producing ice cream to a family recipe for 94 years. They use traditional methods and high quality ingredients to produce ice cream that tastes like it used to before mass-produced ice cream became the norm.

Paradis: branches across Denmark.
Selmas: Strandvejen 215, 2900 Hellerup.
Social Foodies: Branches in Frederiksberg, Østerbro, Nørrebro, Ordrup, Hellerup and Århus.
Lydolphs Isbar: Strandvejen 167, 2900 Hellerup.
Olivers: Skovshoved Havn, Skovshoved/Klampenborg
Rajissimo: Branches in Copenhagen, Kastrup and Dragør
Ismageriet: Rued Langgaards Vej nr. 6E , Copenhagen S, and Søborg Hovedgade 34, Dyssegaard
Hansens: Stocked in most supermarkets.