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Increased COVID-19 test capacity and revival of Quick Test Centres

Rise in spread means more testing to contain spread, next week many Quick Test Centres reopen.

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By Bente D. Knudsen

The Danish Government has decided to increase the test capacity again less than a month after scaling down the PCR test capacity and closing the quick test centre.

The reason is the rise in infection rates which since the end of October is causing concern amongst the health authorities.

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Next week the private suppliers of quick tests will reopen many of their test centres to scale capacity to a minimum of 100,000 tests daily. Both PCR test and Quick test are free and anyone with coronavirus symptoms, even for those who are fully vaccinated, are encouraged to get tested.

Residents ( even if fully vaccinated) who are close contacts to someone infected with covid-19 are encouraged to get a PCR test as the PCR test is more accurate.

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The test capacity is scaled to 100,000 tests from the 7 November and can be increased again within 14 days according to the Danish health authorities.

Despite the increased capacity there may be pressure on the system and residents are encouraged to use the opening hours of the test centres all day to avoid large crowds at peak times (mornings pre-work hours and early afternoons).

All tests are free of charge.

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The map of Denmark with the exact location and opening hours of the PCR and Quick test centres at the site of will be updated continually adding test centre locations as they open.

Opening hours of the PCR and Quick test centres can be found at the site of a map indicates where they are and a list shows the opening hours, whether pre-booking is required or not and the exact address and location of each one.

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