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International Schools have Royal support – different family members open the new schools

The Danish Royal Family is a huge supporter of the international community in Denmark and they are always present at the official opening of new international schools. Today, HRH Princess Benedikte – the Queen’s sister – officially opened the new Copenhagen International School building.

By Bente D. Knudsen    Pictures: Hasse Ferrold (CIS), Inger Stokkink(Aage)

Despite having children, who do NOT attend international schools in Denmark, the Danish royal family is always present at the openings of them.

In 2014 HRH Princess Marie opened the new EU school in Copenhagen’s Sydhavn, in 2015 HRH Crown Princess Mary opened the new international school building in Aarhus – Aage ( pictures above with the yellow brick building are from the Aage opening).

Today HRH Princess Benedikte “cut” the red ribbon at the official opening of the new state of the art school building of Copenhagen International School in 2150 Nordhavn, the new Copenhagen district.

It was a proud school community who welcomed the guests at the official opening ceremony. Since January 2017 children and staff have already taken their new buildings into use, so today the ceremony was all about welcoming royals, sponsors, politicians, the press and guests to see it too.

The new school building did not arise by coincidence, but as could be understood from the many speeches, it was the result of many years of hard work in order to gather the necessary support to do so.

First finding a new location to build on, which the municipality of Copenhagen and By&Havn (the owners of the land in 2150 Nordhavn) were able to do, next step finding the sponsors, a total of six foundations who supported the new building with DKK 350 million, and finally getting it built and ready to open on time in January 2017 (built in only 24 months).

“The building and location is not your everyday Danish school one,” said Ane Mærsk Mc-Kinney Uggla, chair of the A.P. Møller Foundation, and one of the main sponsors of the building.

“Not only is the structure unique, but also the harbour location with the view of the sound, as well as the state of the art solutions, the architecture and environmentally friendly facade – with solar panels – make it a unique building and school.”

And she finished with a truly international appeal: “Use it with all your might, take good care of it and make the world a better place through your learning.”

Report from the pre-opening of CIS

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