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More measures are discussed as shops are able to open again

Danish Government is discussing what may open as of 15 March, find what is open as of 1 March in our update below.

By Bente D. Knudsen

Disagreement about how much to open how soon became apparent last week  when the opposition parties Venstre, De Konservative and Dansk Folkeparti were left out of the negotiations in clear disagreement with the Government about the speed of reopening.

The Danish Government has a very careful approach wereas the opposition felt it would have been possible to reopen more and more quickly.

The Danish Justice Minister, Minister of Health presented a small reopening as well as locally more openings. This week and next week more discussions will be made in order to find out what else may open sooner than the 6 April. Many are putting pressure on the Government to allow more pupils and students to return to their school and studies.

At present what is open in the whole country as of 1 March are:

Retail stores below 5,000 m2 can reopen but with restrictor requirements concerning number of people per m2. However, those in shopping malls cannot reopen.

Large shops above 5,000 m2 can open by appointment only.’

Outdoor sports activities can reopen with up to 25 participants, at present this was set at 5.

Outdoor cultural institutions can reopen open presentation of negative COVID-19 test not more than 72 hours old.

In North and West Jutland were spread is low more can reopen, in the rest of the country an evaluation will be made concerning the same measures as of 15 march if the figures allow it.

This means that the current restrictions in place have been prolonged until 6 April (after Easter):

Right to gather up to 5 people maintained

Hairdressers, fitness centres and massage clinics are closed

Schools grades 5 to 10 grade are to remain closed, students in high schools, efterschools and other youth insitutions, and universities etc remain closed

Shopping malls to remain closed, shops over 5,000 m2 remain closed but can have customers by appointment

All indoor sports and leisure facilities, cultural institutions etc are to remain closed, this means all sports facilities, swimming pools etc.

Restaurants, bars, night clubs etc to remain closed, take away is still possible

In North and West Jutland as well as on Bornholm graduate classes ( 9 th grade and last year of high school) and efterschools may return on 1 March, others may be able to return on 15 March and 6 April depending on how spread and infection numbers develop.

The Government has not made any promises but said the more modelisations have to be made to evaluate when the rest of the Danish schools can reopen. They are part of the discussions taking place at present.