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New exhibition opened today – Smykkeskrinet – by Crown Princess Mary

HRH Crown Princess Mary opened the permanent exhibition Smykkeskrinet, the Jewellery Box, in the museum of Den Gamle By in Aarhus. By switching on the lights in the displays, the jewels and the exhibition came to life. Jewellery specialist Sabrina Vinther explained more about the pieces the Crown Princess wanted to see ‘close-up’.

By Inger Stokkink

After the opening, the Crown Princess made a short walk from the exhibition venue to the opening reception in Møntmestergården, one of Den Gamle By’s old houses. On her way, a young man convinced her to have a selfie made.

Smykkeskrinet gives a unique overview of 20th century Danish silver jewellery design.

It is the work of 40 years of collecting and selecting by Marion and Jörg Schwandt, a German couple from Berlin.

While on vacation in Denmark in the seventies, they fell in love with Danish silver jewellery. Initially, Marion wore it herself, but gradually they recognised the historical importance of the pieces they had collected.

The collection grew over the years and now it shows the diversity, but also the (mutual) influences of Danish jewellery designers at home in Denmark.

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