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Outstanding mix of Asian cuisine with a touch of France

An authentic, family owned, Cambodian restaurant, in the heart of Copenhagen has become a new favourite. Khmer Cuisine serves delicious Cambodian dishes with a little French inspiration.

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By Sehrish Haq

Every dish we ordered took us by great surprise.

From the vegan menu we ordered the Num Banh Chok with Naim Chien, this is a must have dish, it’s nothing like what you would imagine.

The crispiness of the spring rolls marries deliciously with the fermented rice noodles, and the tamarind sauce brings an extraordinary flavour to this dish.

We also ordered Pleah Trey, words cannot describe the joy this ceviche brought us, we would also recommend this.

Our order consisted of more than seven dishes, and what we loved the most, was how different each dish tasted, despite containing quite similar ingredients.

We were delighted by the stories the owner told us (we enquired about the photos on the wall.)

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His journey from Cambodia to Copenhagen is not only an eye opener, but also a first-hand account of the history of the country.

Admiring the family’s perseverance and how they turned their lives around from being known as a number for four years, before immigrating to Denmark, to becoming restaurant owners.

Reserve a table if you are looking for a hygge night out or fancy a quick lunch. Khmer will not disappoint. Affordable prices, brilliant customer service, family friendly even for babies and free water refills, this place is a winner.

Please check the website for more information and opening times here.